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  The ability to access information virt-ually anywhere-anytime-is transfor-ming the way we live & work.  
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  ERP covers the technique and concept employed for the integrated manage-ment system of business  
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ERP Solution
ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) covers the technique and concept employed for the integrated management system of business as a whole, from the viewpoint of the effective use of management resources to improve the efficiency of an enterprise.
Since ERP is a uniform platform it ensures that there in no discrepancy in the information that is processed and facilitate seamless flow of information across departmental barriers.

Industry wise main advantages :
     1.      Manufacturing Sector ……Speeding up the whole process and cost reduction.
     2.      Distribution and retail Stores …… Accessing the status of the goods.
     3.      Transport Sector …… Transmit commodities through online transactions.
     4.      Project Service industry …… Fastens the compilation of reports.

Advantages in a corporate entity :
Reduction of lead-time and on time shipment.
  • The accounts department personnel can act independently. They don't have to be behind the technical persons every time to record the financial transactions.
  • Ensures quicker processing of information and reduces the burden of paperwork
  • Serving the customers efficiently by way of prompt response and follow up.
  • Disposing queries immediately and facilitating the payments from customers with ease and well ahead of the stipulated deadline.
  • It helps in having a say over your competitor and adapting to the whims and fancies of the market and business fluctuations.
  • The swift movement of goods to rural areas and in lesser known places has now become a reality with the use of ERP.
  • The database not only becomes user friendly but also helps to do away with unwanted ambiguity.
  • ERP is suitable for global operations as it encompasses all the domestic jargons, currency conversions, diverse accounting standards, and multilingual facilities.In short it is the perfect commercial and scientific epitome of the verse Think Local. Act Global.
  • ERP helps to control and data and facilitates the necessary contacts to acquire the same
  • Improved information accuracy and decision making capability.
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